Andre and Jacqueline Hobbs
Anna Wartowski Memorial
Annie and Oscar Blackwell Education
Armer F. Ahlstrand
BandWagon 2 Endowment
Bandwagon Endowment
Barbara and Derek Volk
Barbara J. Nelson Family Arts
Barbara Olson Center of Hope Endowment
Barber-Colman Management
Belvidere/Boone County Food Pantry-Carroll Starr VII
Bengt and Mary Kuller Endowment
Booker Washington Community & Cultural Center Endowment
Brad Will Foundation
Bur Oak Endowment-Starr II
Burpee Museum Endowment-Carroll Starr II
Calcott Charitable
Carl Abraham Trust
Carl D. Loescher Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
Carmichael Family
Carol Mae Warner Endowment
Carpenter’s Place Endowment
Carrie Jane
Charles A. Beyer/Rockford Jaycees
Childrens Home + Aid
Club Blue Agency Endowment
Clyde and Lois Gipson Memorial
Community Arts & Humanities
Community Foundation Staff Charitable
Community Needs
Crone’s Coin
Crull Family Trust Scholarship for Forensics and Sciences
Crusaders Health Foundation Endowment
Daughters of the American Colonist Heritage
Dave and Jane Carlson Family Crisis Endowment
David L. and Neva A. Burdick Memorial
Discovery Center Museum Endowment-Carroll Starr II
Donald and Patricia Eubanks Memorial Trust #2
Donald M. Misenti Memorial
Donald V. and Britta A. Peterson Memorial
Donna Jean Pitts Memorial
Dr. Courtney J. and Margaret Hutchins Hamlin Family
Dr. Jan and Sandy Elliott
Dr. Louis and Violet Rubin
Dr. Michael R. Perry and Susan Perry Endowment-Holding
Durand Endowment
Early Learning Council Endowment
East High School, Class of 1947
Egan Family
Elaine J. Green Endowment
Erlander Home/Museum Endowment
Ernest and Shirley Schlichting Family
Estelle M. Black Library Resource
Ethnic Heritage Museum Endowment
Eunice Wishop Stromberg
Eunice Wishop Stromberg Spelling Bee Endowment
Fight Hunger Endowment for the Rock River Valley Pantry
Foreign Language Endowment
Forest Preserves of Winnebago County Endowment
Frances G. and Joseph W. McCoy Community
Freeport Arts Center Education-Starr II
Friends Endowment for Nachusa Grasslands
Friends of Growth Organization
Friends of Redeemer Lutheran Church
Friends of the Haven Network
Future Growth – Starr
G.W. Aldeen Memorial
Gary and Lois Ecklund
Gary G. Carlson Historic Preservation
George H. Mittendorf, Jr. and Armina R. Mittendorf Memorial
Glenn E. Thiel Memorial
Gordon F. and Leslie E. Stannard Charitable
Grans Family
Greenwood Forever Endowment
Greg Lindmark Memorial
Guy B. Reno Family
Highland Community College/Rubin Education Endowment
Hilmer T. and Edna Anderson Endowment
Hole Hearted for Hospice
Hoo Haven Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
Horace B. and Adeller Box Scholarship
Howard D. Colman Memorial
Howard Smith Memorial
Hunger Connection Endowment
In Youth We Trust
Jack V. Bergstrom Endowment for Salvation Army
Jean Vanlandingham
Joan K and Ronald F. Peterson Community Supp
Joan Stonecipher Scholarship
John T. Holmstrom, Jr. Memorial
Johnson Family
Jon W. Lundin Historical Preservation
Joseph and Arles Hendershott Love Family
Joseph W. McCoy Memorial
Judith Anderson Creative Writing Award

Kari Lotko Memorial Endowment
Karl and Barbara Erickson Family
Kathleen Cummings Adamson Memorial
Kathryn F. Conrad Memorial
Keeling Endowment for First Presbyterian Church
Keeling/Green Legacy
Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza Endowment
Kjellstrom Family
Klehm Arboretum Foundation
Koch Family Community
Leadership Rockford
Leighton Rockford Symphony Orchestra
Leighton Severson Dells
Lifescape Community Services, Inc.-Carroll Starr VII
Lifescape Endowment
Lisa Sahy Memorial
Lisle and Margaret Menzimer
Louis J. Franchini Rockford Police Department
Lundin Family Nature Preservation
Macktown Living History Education Center Site Endowment
Margaret K. Aldeen Christian Ministry
Marion L. Bates Endowment Fund for Faculty Enrichment
Marlowe Center Endowment
Mary Louise Stapleton Memorial
Megan Clift Memorial
Mendelssohn Endowment
Meryle A. Stockhus
Midway Village
MILL Starr Endowment Challenge – Starr I
Nachusa Grasslands
NAMI Northern Illinois Endowment
Nate Martin Educational Excellence
Natural Disaster Endowment
New Century Anniversary
New Zion/Montague House Endowment
Norris A. & Margaret K. Aldeen
Norris and Margaret Aldeen Memorial
North Boone Education Endowment
Northern Illinois Raptor Rehab & Education Endowment
Northern Winnebago County Rotary Club Education
Nygren Wetland Preserve-Starr III
Olson-Rockford College
On the Waterfront Endowment
Paul and Dorothy Salerno Endowment
Pauline J. and John R. Cook Lecture
PAWS Humane Society Helping Hand Endowment
Philip Dedrick Endowment Fund for Collection Care – Starr I
Program Related Investments
Project 2001 Plus
Purple Knights of Rockford Grant
R. Ray and Nola Wood Family Fund for Christ United Methodist
R. Ray and Nola Wood Family Fund for the Rockford YMCA
Ralph and Pamela Prescott Family
Ralph E. & Mildred Johnson
RAMP Endowment
RAMP, Inc.
Richard and Gertrude Reynolds
Robert K. Kyle Nieman II Memorial
Rock Valley College/Rubin Scholarship
Rockford Area Century Group Endowment
Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity
Rockford Arts and Education Endowment – All – City Theatre
Rockford Christian Schools Scholarship
Rockford College Endowment
Rockford Cosmopolitan Foundation
Rockford Mass Transit District Community Transportation Endo
Rockford Promise Endowment
Rockford Public Library Endowment
Rockford Regional Chamber of Commerce Civic Wealth Found.
Rockford University Endowed Student Opportunity
Rockford University/Rubin Scholarship
Rockford Wind Ensemble Co. Endowment
Rod MacDonald Memorial Theatre Endowment
Roger and Mary Reithmeier
Ronald and Deborah Gustafson Family
Ronald F & Joan K Peterson Nature & Env.Preservat
Ronald F. Peterson Area Economic Development
Ronald F. Peterson Classical Music Performance
Roper-Keith School
Rubin Education Endowment for Highland Community College
Rubin Education Endowment for Rock Valley College
Rubin Education Endowment for Rockford University
Sand Bluff Bird Observatory
Sandquist Family
Shirley E. and James S. Waddell Family
Stateline Youth for Christ Foundation
Stephen S. and Dorothy V. Baits
Susan J. and Michael J. Lambert Family
Swedish Historical Society Endowment-Starr II
Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation
Trudy B. Rossate Memorial
Turtle Pond Environmental Stewardship and Education
United Cerebral Palsy of Blackhawk Region
United Way Health Endowment
United Way of Rock River Valley
W.A.V.E. for Victims of Domestic Violence Endowment
Walter D. Williams Wellness Program Endowment

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