Agency Endowments

A permanent agency endowment at the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois is designed to benefit 501(c )(3) nonprofit organizations. It provides lasting support that grows over time.

When should my organization consider an agency endowment at the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois?

  • You have a long-term vision for your organization.
  • You seek to inspire your donors with that vision.
  • You want to create a perpetual reservoir of support.
  • You want your donors to have choices in their giving.
  • Your donors have already made permanently restricted gifts to your organization.
  • You have a surplus that you want to turn into a permanent resource.
  • You want a non-profit partner to help you with stewardship.

How does the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois help with stewardship?

  • The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for giving to attract,  preserve, and grow an endowment for the people of Northern Illinois.
  • The Community Foundation pools over 400 endowments totaling more than $100 million for investment.
  • The Community Foundation uses an independent investment consultant to advise it in the formulation of investment policy, the evaluation and selection of investment agents, diversification and allocation to investment strategies, and monitoring the performance of its investment agents.
  • The Community Foundation’s investment policy and strategies are specific to permanent endowment, conservative, cost effective, and productive of a competitive rate of return.
  • The Community Foundation is experienced in accepting many different types of gifts – cash and securities, designated beneficiary assets, closely held securities, restricted securities, real property, tangible personal property, and holdings in business enterprises.
  • The Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are residents of Boone, Ogle, Stephenson, and Winnebago Counties.
  • The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois is certified to comply with the National Standards for U. S. Community Foundations.

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