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In fall 2018 CFNIL President Jon Bates was featured in a Comcast Newsmakers segment, where he invites viewers to “Think About Endowment“.

“Think About Endowment!”

With 65 years of experience connecting donors with the causes they care about, we make giving easy. By creating an endowment you can accomplish your charitable goals, now and in perpetuity. As your partner in endowment CFNIL is a trustworthy and caring steward of your charitable intentions and contributions.


  • An endowment is a sustaining gift. It can sustain institutions, causes, and scholastic opportunity. We believe in endowment. It is what we preach and what we practice.
  • Our mission is to attract, preserve, and grow a permanent endowment for the needs of the people of Northern Illinois.
  • An endowment will express your personal values while benefiting the community in your name forever. You may add to your fund at any time.

Local Expertise

  • Our experienced staff is here to assist you.
  • Our staff is based in Rockford and has a deep knowledge of the area, its people, and its needs.
  • Choosing us to be your partner in endowment, means that you are supporting a local institution that will always serve and be located in Northern Illinois.
  • We have more than 150 community volunteers who evaluate grant and scholarship applications. These experts know the community because they are the community.


  • We are a public charity, so gifts to CFNIL may qualify for maximum tax deductibility. CFNIL is able to accept an array of gifts, including cash, securities, and real assets.
  • We provide prudent, ethical, and objective fulfillment of your charitable intentions.
  • We invest for diversity and long-term growth.
  • We combine individual endowments to reduce administrative costs.
  • CFNIL retains the counsel of an experienced and independent investment consulting firm.
  • Endowments can be named after yourself, a loved one, or a group or organization.


  • Establishing a charitable legacy through an endowment or contributing to an existing endowment at the Community Foundation is easy.
  • There are no upfront costs to creating an endowment.
  • We are happy to talk to you, your family, and your financial and legal advisors as you consider creating an endowment.

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