Rockford Pride Parade Endowment

To support the charitable activities of the Rockford Area Pride Committee. Priority will be given to expenses related to the Rockford Area Pride Parade.

Please note: If the Rockford Area Pride Committee ceases to host an annual Rockford Pride Parade for five consecutive years, the entire balance of the fund will be transferred to a new scholarship fund for LGBTQIA+ students.




The Rockford Area Pride Committee (RAPC) is holding its FIRST (of many) Rockford Area Pride Parade in 2024, and this fund will ensure it continues - FOREVER!


2024 Pride Information - 

The theme for this year is Celebrate, Remember, Unite-  the theme embraces the fact that Pride is a celebration of person, being, love, and expression; but, remembering its' history and struggles, and uniting to continue the fight for equality and progress.

The Rockford Area Pride Committee has partnered with The LIAM Foundation to present the 2024 Rockford Area Pride Parade. The goal is to raise funds for continuing Pride events and supporting the critical work spearheaded by The LIAM Foundation.

This year, equity initiatives have been given special consideration to make the event accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities and empower minority communities through focused advocacy and inclusion. For instance, there will be an accessible seating area for those who need it so they can enjoy the Parade on their own terms. RAPC will bring visibility to the transgender and nonbinary communities and people of color by focusing attention on their struggles for housing, medical treatment, and other essential services. 

Your support makes these initiatives possible and sustainable.