Our Team

Experienced, professional, and committed to philanthropic service. 

As the regional leader of philanthropy, the Community Foundation serves as a promoter and advisor on charitable giving, a resource to the nonprofit sector, and an excellent steward of the community’s resources. Together, the staff of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois brings more than 75 years of experience in the community foundation field.

Lisa DeLang, CFNIL Program and Administrative Associate
Lisa DeLang
Program and Administrative Associate
Phone: 779-210-8210
Email: Lisa DeLang
Isabella Ibarra - Finance Associate - Headshot
Isabella Ibarra
Finance Associate
Phone: 779-210-8211
Email: Isabella Ibarra
Sarah Lambert, CFNIL Vice President of Programs and Community Investment
Sarah Lambert
Vice President of Programs and Community Investment
Phone: 779-210-8207
Email: Sarah Lambert
Joanna Mladic - Operations and Systems Coordinator - headshot
Joanna Mladic
Operations and Systems Coordinator
Phone: 779-210-8202
Email: Joanna Mladic
James Patterson - Program Director - headshot
James Patterson
Program Director
Phone: 779-210-8206
Email: James Patterson
Heather Rapp - Program Associate - Headshot
Heather Rapp
Program Associate
Phone: 779-210-8209
Email: Heather Rapp
Dan Ross - President - headshot
Dan Ross
Phone: 779-210-8201
Email: Dan Ross
Jennifer Smith - Engagement Director - headshot
Jennifer Smith
Engagement Director
Phone: 779-210-8204
Email: Jennifer Smith
Ciara Stahly - Development Coordinator - headshot
Ciara Stahly
Development Coordinator
Phone: 779-210-8203
Email: Ciara Stahly