Rockford overnight Cafe. Picture of mittened hands holding a mug of coffee. Logos of Second First Church and CFNIL.

Community Grant in Action: Overnight Cafe Opens for Winter 2021

Community Grant In Action! Last night the Rockford Overnight Cafe opened its doors at Second Congregational UCC/First Presbyterian Church of Rockford for the first time this season to provide a warm, safe place for unhoused people to spend the night. This is the third winter Second First has operated the Overnight Cafe, which helps fill a gap when traditional shelters are at capacity, a particular challenge this year when COVID has decreased typical capacity for all in-person services. The Overnight Cafe will operate every night through March 1st.

While we hope for a day when such services are not needed, CFNIL is pleased to provide support for the Overnight Cafe with a Community Grant via the Margaret K. Aldeen Christian Ministry Fund. Learn more about the Overnight Cafe and how you can help ensure no one must spend the night outdoors this winter: