Deadline: February 1


To provide scholarships to selected graduating seniors from high schools who do their trading and business regularly in the Durand area.


Applicants must:

- Be a graduating senior from Durand, Dakota, or Pecatonica High School;
- Frequent businesses in Durand;
- Rank in top 15% of graduating class; and
- Plan to attend a recognized college or university.


Considering the background and criteria of this scholarship, why are you the best candidate? Your response should discuss which businesses in Durand you frequent.


The Harry H. and Floy B. Chapin Scholarship Fund was initially established by Floy B. Chapin in 1977 in memory of her husband Harry H. Chapin. Floy added additional funds to the scholarship when she passed away in 1994.

Floy, an astute businesswoman and civic leader in Durand, believed in her life's philosophy: ``You can't wait for everything to be just right to make a move; that moment never comes. Act when you are ready, not when the situation is.`` In 1931, the Chapins purchased their business from J. M. Geary. Half of their business was a furniture store and the other half was an office and casket selection room. In 1937, they built a new funeral home. Following her husband's sudden death in 1947, Floy continued the business at the request of many Durand citizens. Between 1952 and 1956, she was a business partner of Collins Y. Sundeberg (Sundeberg-Chapin Funeral Home) in Rockford. In the early 1950s, Floy promoted the Businessmen's Association. She was instrumental in opening a bank in 1957 in Durand and she co-sponsored the pharmacy building in Medina Manor Nursing Home.

Because of her generosity, many graduating high school seniors have had the opportunity to fulfill one of her favorite proverbs: ``Life is like reading a book. You never forget the chapters you've read but there are always new pages to get to.``

Would you like to support the Harry H. and Floy B. Chapin Scholarship? You can make a donation directly to this fund, to help grow its impact and ability to provide educational resources for students in our community — forever!

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Unless otherwise noted, scholarships have a deadline of February 1 at 5 p.m.

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