Warning: Online Grants Scam Alert

ALERT: Online Grants Scam

We were made aware of someone sending Facebook messages claiming they were an "Agent" who could connect people with grants from the Community Foundation if they provide various personal information. These messages are not authorized by CFNIL and appear to be part of an ongoing scam perpetrated via Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages.

Neither CFNIL nor any legitimate funding entity solicit grant applicants in this manner and we do not request personal/financial information through social media messaging platforms. Learn more about this scam via this article from the Better Business Bureau: https://www.bbb.org/article/scams/2012-bbb-scam-alert-imposters-using-facebook-for-covid-grant-scams

If you have received a message of this nature referring to CFNIL, please let us know at info@cfnil.org or 815-962-2110. Thank you!