WoTM Ruthann Gaston Women in Engineering Scholarship. Photo of Ruthann Gaston, logos for WOTM and NIU & RVC Engineering Program

WoTM Ruthann Gaston Women in Engineering Scholarship

To support women studying engineering at local post-secondary institutions.

Scholarship Deadline - February 1st This scholarship has a deadline of February 1st at 5pm. Deadline: February 1st 01 Learn How to Register & Apply


What do you hope to accomplish in your career as an engineer?


Applicants must

- Be female;
- Be enrolled in the NIU Engineering at RVC program for the upcoming school year;
- Have a minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0.

Past recipients are eligible to reapply.


WOTM is a not-for-profit networking organization for professionals who are employed in, or serve, manufacturing in the Greater Rockford Area. The group is open to men, women, and young professionals, and offers a unique approach to networking and professional development with a strong focus on strengthening our scholarship program. Through interactive dinner meetings, manufacturing plant tours, and fundraising events, we are able to educate our members and serve our community.

Ruthann Gaston has volunteered with WOTM since its founding in 2003 and has been extensively involved in its activities, including the administration of WOTM’s first scholarship with CFNIL, the WOTM Scholarship.