Final and Progress Reports

All grant recipients are required to submit an online Final Report upon completion of the charitable activity for which the grant was made. Final Reports will include a detailed budget explaining how the funds were used and a description of the achieved outcomes of the charitable activity. Grant recipients will be asked to compare the achieved outcomes to the projected outcomes as stated in the original proposal. The Final Report may also include an oral presentation or other components as deemed necessary by CFNIL.

Final reports are due approximately 14 months after approval. The online Final Report form will be made available soon after your grant is awarded. If your organization has been awarded a multi-year grant, your organization will have to complete a Progress Report between funding years.

To access these reports, log into your CFNIL Web Portal account. Select “My Awards” from the “Grant Applicant” menu. If another person at your organization submitted the proposal, you may have to select “Show All” in the Search Criteria. Click the link to the proposal corresponding to the grant and then click the “Final Report” or “Progress Report” link.

Interim Reports

To have new grant applications considered, applying organizations are required to be current on all Final Reports for previously awarded grants from CFNIL.

If an organization would like to apply for another grant from CFNIL and the current charitable activity is not yet complete, the applicant must submit an Interim Report. Do not use the online Final Report form for the Interim Report. The Interim Report should be submitted on the grantee organization’s letterhead.

Interim reports should include:
1. Description of the charitable activity’s progress
2. Description of any changes to the charitable activity since approval
3. Reason that a Final Report is not being submitted

E-mail all interim reports to James Patterson at

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The online application must be received on or before 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date.  Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.


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